Oilfield Training Online is pleased to bring you virtual courses in Hydrogen Sulfide. H2S is a poisonous gas that is produced in many oil and gas facilities as well as other industrial processes or in potentially any anaerobic organic environment. Workers with the potential for exposure to H2S should be trained annually to understand the sources, risks, and how to protect themselves from this deadly gas.

Online H2S training is offered with several options

We have spent years training thousands of workers about H2S in both the classroom and the oilfield. Now you too can take advantage of that base of knowledge and experience no matter where you are at in the world. Our online H2S class is made for those who are serious about working safe at any hour in any place.

Spanish language online H2S training is also available. Choose the Spanish language option as well as the country for payments. For online Spanish H2S training we are currently accepting payments in local currencies for US, Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina.

Our goal is to make these classes as accessible as possible to those who need them. Courses emphasize a clear-commonsense language without watering down the required technical safety aspects. Your feedback is important to us. While each worker is taking the course there is a place for comments.

During this online class, many topics are covered. Workers are trained on the physical properties of H2S as well as typical sources of the gas. We go over exposure limits and some of the different regulations. It is also important to show how to detect the gas as well as the warning signs involved. Health effects, first aid, and rescue are also gone as well as emergency response and contingency planning. Facility awareness through wind direction and enclosed area procedures are also covered along with safety equipment and respirators. Depending on the work location we also point out where further training may be required at the work site.

If you have any questions about the course or need technical support please send us an email [email protected].

If you have chosen one of the options with a physical card then you will need to email this address. We almost always are able to have your physical certificate mailed out by the next business day and you will also receive a digital copy immediately. Delivery times for physical cards may vary based on the distance and speed of the postal service. Please email us with any questions you have about physical certificates for the online class.