Take SafeLand at your location

Take advantage of virtual instruction to take the safeland class online where you have access to a computer on the internet.

Skip the Drive

For decades oilfield workers had to drive a long distance to complete their safeland safety training.

This often means getting up early and being careful to avoid the risks on the road.

Now you can skip the driving and take Safeland online directly from your laptop computer.

Start today!

Live classes are held every weekday Monday through Friday at 9AM Central Time. To complete your registration make your payment below and the easy online system will direct you to create your online account and send us the remaining documentation. Then we will get you in the soonest 9AM morning class.

Virtual Training

Remember that this is a virtual training where you must have your zoom video and audio on the entire. Make sure to schedule a full day in a place where you can learn that is quiet with no distraction.

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